May 2022

The vegetables and lettuce at AV Kindergarten grow well thanks to adequate irrigation from rainwater storage tanks and contribute to the children's daily vitamin intake. The staff planted carrots, tomatoes, onions and lettuce, among others.
In addition, the project manager Hagos Gebremariam was able to receive an aid delivery of 700 kg of food (rice, beans and oil) from the government in Mekelle. Thus, the supply of the kindergarten children is secured for the time being.
Apart from this positive news, the situation in Tigray and thus also in Adigrat remains tense. Our team in Munich tries again and again to transfer money to Adigrat in various ways - more or less successfully.


June 2022 Mother Child Health Center in AV Kindergarten

In the AV kindergarten, a mother - child health center MCHC has been established!

Since much of the infrastructure in the hospitals has been destroyed, the need for amulant medical care among the population is increasing enormously. Hagos Gebremariam, the manager of Adigrat Vision, tries to close this gap together with the pediatrician Dr. Berhane and the gynecologist Dr. Gebremedhin, as well as the nurse Mulu.

Both doctors work unpaid half days two days a week in the new health center, which was built in the former volunteer room. The nurse Mulu receives training every week in the hospital in order to be able to support the doctors adequately. With great difficulty, Hagos was able to find medical equipment such as a sterilizer, a microscope, a centrifuge and a gynecological examination chair in Mekelle and transport it to Adigrat. Presumably, it is donated material that has never been used. Medicines and dressing material were left in Adigrat by the organization "Doctors without Borders" when they left during the military conflict - thank you very much for that!

The offer for medical help is accepted with enthusiasm by the families of the area, long queues of needy women with their children form.

The association in Munich is always enthusiastic and impressed how our staff, led by Hagos Gebremariam, initiate and realize new projects in these difficult times with imagination, creativity and perseverance.



Adigrat News in February 2022

Tigray's complete isolation from the rest of Ethiopia and the world continues. There are still no telephone connections and only sporadic Internet access through the offices of international aid organizations in Mekelle, the regional capital. The supply of food and medicine continues to deteriorate. For the most part, international aid shipments are blocked by the Ethiopian central government. Food prices are rising immeasurably due to the extreme inflation caused by the closed trade circuit in Tigray. Banks also remain closed. Many towns are repeatedly bombed with drones, Adigrat has been spared so far.

Through the TDA Tigray Development Association, an organization of the Tigrayan diaspora, the association was able to send money in small amounts to Mekelle, where it was paid to the project manager. This way, the salaries of the employees, who are all working full time again, as well as the meals for the 120 kindergarten children can be paid. Of course, the meals are more than meager, but a piece of bread is already heaven on earth at the moment. Many people, also in Adigrat, die of hunger or lack of vital medicines, such as insulin. As always, the elderly and children are particularly at risk.

In this really extremely difficult situation, the employees of Adigrat Vision are doing the almost impossible:

The kindergarten - fully occupied with 120 children - seems to create a bit of normality for the children and their families.

In the school library, the children study so eagerly that slots of three hours are issued so that everyone who wants to learn can do so. On Sundays, the premises are used to hold discussion groups with traumatized women who have been raped. About 900 women and girls are registered as war rape victims in Adigrat. In small groups, the women can talk to each other in the protected space of the library.

The Adigrat Vision team in Munich is proud and grateful for the incredibly dedicated staff in Adigrat. With diligence, zeal, team spirit and creativity, they succeed under the leadership of Hagos Gebremariam in creating a bit of hope in an otherwise hopeless situation.