November 2018 - Adigrat Vision is building a library!

A year of planning later, the dream is about to come true: About 500 meters from the kindergarten, a library is going to be built in Adigrat.

Many students in Adigrat do not have access to a desk or chair, let alone electric lighting at home. Doing homework is nearly impossible for the students working under these conditions. The organization wants to offer these often highly motivated children the chance to study in an appropriate environment that will help with the completion of homework. Additionally, the library will be used for showing English movies as well as establishing an Internet café. 

On the site of the library, public toilets - for use by surrounding neighbors - will also be installed. 

The site identified for construction has already been granted to Adigrat by the city. The building permit has been signed and the tendering of the building contract completed. The building plan for the library has been created by the “Krug Grossmann Architekten” located in Munich who have worked on a pro-bono basis.  Heartfelt thanks! 

But we still need your help! Building costs in Ethiopia have been rising for some time. Particularly in the north, after the opening of the border, costs have increased dramatically. This makes us tremendously dependent on donations in order to bring this project to life right now.

And this is where you come in! Please unite behind our mission and help us build the library in Adigrat. Together we can deliver on our project “Eine Zukunft für äthiopische Kinder” and create sustainability for the children living in Ethiopia