March 2019: AV is building a library - a place to study

Why a library?

Most families in Ethiopia live all together in a single room, where there is rarely a table and chair to be found, least of all light.

Adigrat Vision e.V. wants to continue to work proactively in the mission to improve the education of children and young people in Adigrat. Which is why we are building a spacious library where the pupils can study and do their homework at the tables and chairs provided. Moreover, English language films will be shown and computers with Internet access will be made available.

There will be a small cafe in the library area, which will be run as part of the microcredit project we make available to mothers of the kindergarten children. The complex will also be equipped with four toilets.


It goes ahead!

After 5 months of construction the first building of the library is almost finished! Interior work is startet in these days.